Sector Solutions


Sector Solutions

BIG DECISIONS NEED BETTER ANALYTICS. See some of the diverse solutions we are part of. With services and experience that cut across sectors, we invite you to share your Big Data challenge regardless of industry.

Retail Solutions

With a large number of tools and vast experience, we can build predictive models and frameworks for your organization to assess complex situations clearly, such as calculating Customer Lifetime Value, and effective performance management systems that can leverage the growing and diverse data streams for retailers struggling to remain competitive.


Calculating Customer Lifetime Value using Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value with a Markov Chain Model


Franchise Performance Management in the Era of Big Data



Cost pressures, globalization, market shifts, and volatility are some of the many challenges faced by automakers. Yet, advances in big data and analytics offer incredible possibilities in tackling these and many other challenges. Our unmatched team of specialists offer some example solutions to demonstrate the possibilities analytics offers your organization. More than informing extremely complex business decisions, very specific areas of the automotive industry now depend on big data and analytics to advance their technologies.


Lane Keeping in TRANSIMS (Transportation Analysis and SIMulation System)


Detection of Driver Distraction from Driver Input and Vehicle State Data



Manufacturers are facing the cost of record-breaking warranty claims, and the ever shifting landscape of globalization affecting most facets of their process. By working proactively to unlock the potential savings from operational efficiencies, great ROI can be achieved in short implementation periods. Our solutions are process-centric and technology-agnostic, allowing organizations to leverage existing investments in transactional systems.


Unlocking Value through Effective Warranty Management Practices in the Era of Big Data



With overall healthcare expenditures spiralling out of control and unprecedented ER gridlock, operations research and operations management techniques aided by big data science can cost-effectively enhance ED operations. With strategies developed by DataFactZ, data can now be utilized in real-time to to intelligently guide the ED operations starting from new patient arrival to final discharge.


Breaking the Gridlock in Emergency Care



Data and analytics is nothing new in the insurance industry and it has been critically important to an insurer’s continued existence and profitability. Historically, an insurance carrier achieved differentiation mainly by combining scale of exposures and underwriting expertise. But now, there are newer and more effective ways driven by new sources of external data, new tools for underwriting risk, and new ways of monitoring and influencing consumer behavior. With Advanced Analytics provided by DataFactZ, these newer sources of data can enable insurers to better understand different types of risks which in allows the premiums to be personalized to individual consumers or segments.

Achieving Competitive Differentiation in Insurance by Advanced Analytics



In the last several decades IT systems revolutionized banking and transformed virtually every single banking process. With today’s technology and analytics capabilities, banking has the opportunity to reinvent itself yet again, this time by improving decision making at all levels. With the real possibility of having a 360 degree view of the customer, and the maturity of real-time advanced analytics methods, we can work with your organization’s big data initiatives that will define its competitive advantage.

Exploiting Full Potential of Advanced Analytics in the Banking Industry


Energy & Utility

Reliability, stability and customer satisfaction are top three of many issues that energy and utility industries now face. The revenue lost either in meeting these standards or not meeting the minimum requirements is unimaginably high. Our expertise with data and SME’s in energy and utility industry have demonstrated the use of Big Data & Analytics to develop several solutions around this industry.


Improving Outage restoration efficiency using Advanced Analytics


Enhance Customer experience using Big data & Analytics