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As a registered and approved recipient of End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF), let’s showcase the immediate return on investment for the qualified cloud initiatives.

Modernize your Data Platform

Automate data processing from source to consumption, using our customizable scripts and templates, or let us do all the heavy lifting. Whether you’re migrating data center, estate or specific applications.

Ensure Adoption

Our accelerators become your in-house CoE to ensure teams are equipped to scale your cloud transformation

Automate & Optimize

Proprietary templates, scripts and systems will streamline operations from day 1. Reap cost savings and a quicker time to market edge.

Why DataFactZ?

Our approach to service delivery differs from other proprietary template-based approaches as we strongly believe in empowering you as a CoE partner. By partnering with DataFactZ, you can be assured that scaling your Azure transformation with scripts, systems, and templates is equally important to us as the delivery of the solution.


Move your workloads and applications to Azure strategically, whether you’re migrating your data center, data estate or application portfolio.


Optimize your applications, data, analytics and infrastructure to fully take advantage of the Azure cloud platform.


Develop new applications, new ways to leverage your data or a new DevOps foundation as a basis for your digital transformation.


Our tools and managed services ensure a stable, secure, and optimized Azure environment, so that you can focus on scaling your digital transformation.

DataFactZ offers an accelerated path to build a modern data platform on Azure Cloud, with a highly customizable code base to integrate/ingest heterogeneous data sources at any time―without having to build or develop an ETL solution. In addition, this solution also enables easy Integration of real-time processing using available Azure Components and an agile architecture with DevOps for continuous integration and deployments.

Where we can help you

Databases & Integration


Migration & Governance

How does Azure differ from other cloud platforms and how can its services & support benefit my business?

Azure is a cloud computing platform by Microsoft that provides a comprehensive suite of cloud services for building, deploying, and managing applications and services. It stands out from other cloud platforms due to its integrated development environment, hybrid capabilities, and extensive support for open-source technologies. Additionally, Azure has the most functionality across BI and user tools, making it a cost-effective solution for improving BI operations. Some of the benefits of using Azure services include scalability, flexibility, hybrid capabilities, security, and cost-effectiveness, allowing businesses to innovate faster, scale more efficiently, and reduce costs.

How does Azure ensure the security of my data and applications?

Azure has a robust security framework that includes physical, network, and application security features. Some of the security features of Azure include: access control, encryption, compliance, threat detection, and identity management.

How can DataFactZ assist me in migrating my applications and data to Azure?

We leverage our expertise in Azure migration and cloud technologies to assist you in quickly and securely migrating your applications and data to Azure. We also configure usage monitoring and implement data governance to optimize your costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

Why Choose DataFactZ as an Azure service partner?

Our experienced team of data analysts, engineers, and scientists have successfully guided over 100 clients from various industries. Throughout the years, we have developed a practical and cross-disciplinary approach to each project, which includes metadata management, master data management, and expanding service-oriented architecture (SOA). With DataFactZ, you can securely and flexibly migrate, modernize, build, and manage your business.

We provide proprietary templates, scripts, and systems that can streamline your operations from day one, generate cost savings, and modernize your data platform. By automating data processing from source to consumption, our solutions can help you achieve these benefits. In addition, our accelerators can equip your team with the necessary skills to scale your cloud transformation. We offer an accelerated path to build a modern data platform on Azure that is highly customizable and easy to integrate with real-time processing capabilities.