Discover the power of scalability, performance, security, and flexibility with the right cloud technology. Leverage the cost savings, and support with the right partner.

See why so many organizations are migrating to Snowflake, automating data pipelines and workloads, accessing and visualizing data & business intelligence, to drive their cloud analytics transformation.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Step into the future of data management and eliminate legacy data warehouses. Our modern data platform unifies all your data and provides valuable insights. Let us assist you in creating a business modernization framework and deploying solutions on Snowflake with ease.


Data analytics

Empower limitless innovation with our cloud-based solutions. Our platform enables machine learning, predictive analytics, and IoT, providing rapid insights at scale. We leverage our cloud expertise and data knowledge to guid your journey to a secure and efficient cloud analytics destination, where you can unleash powerful insights.


Center of excellence

Elevate your data transformation journey and unlock the potential of your data. We meet you wherever you are, from deployment to scaling, adoption, governance, and maintenance. Our Snowflake solutions are designed to help you achieve your business outcomes and harness powerful results, whether it's data center transformation or data migration.

Working with a leading Snowflake solutions partner means that your team is empowered with accelerators and tools so that they can focus on where they add most value.

Time and cost savings: Automate migration and save hundreds of labor hours.

Customization: Meet your organization’s unique needs, including data loading parameters and settings.

Expertise: Rely on DataFactZ’s expertise for a smooth transition and minimal downtime during data migration.

Support: Count on us for continuous support and maintenance to ensure a successful migration and proper system functioning.

In what ways does Snowflake stand out from other data migration platforms, and how can its services and support benefit businesses?

Snowflake stands out from other data migration platforms by offering a cloud-native data warehouse that is highly scalable, secure, and easy to use. Its services and support benefit businesses by enabling them to store, process, and analyze large amounts of data in real-time, while reducing costs and complexity.

What specific Snowflake solutions does DataFactZ offer to clients? OR: How can DataFactZ assist me in migrating data with Snowflake?

We offer a range of Snowflake solutions to our clients, including data migration, integration, and management services. We also provide expertise in Snowflake’s features such as data sharing, multi-cluster warehouse, and data replication. Our team of skilled professionals ensures that our clients receive comprehensive solutions that meet their unique business needs.

What is DataFactZ's level of expertise in data analytics, engineering, migration and management?

We have a deep level of expertise in data analytics, engineering, migration and management. Our team of experienced professionals is skilled in delivering solutions for data integration, governance, quality, protection, migration and management, including cloud API and APP integration, customer 360, product 360, and real-time data pipelines.

We have a tech-agnostic approach and have worked across multiple verticals, delivering solutions in Data Engineering, Analytics, BI, and Data Sciences. Our track record of hundreds of successful deployments, migrations, and upgrades demonstrate our ability to deliver effectively and efficiently.

How can DataFactZ help with data migration using Snowflake, and what is their approach to ensuring a successful migration?

We have extensive experience in data migration using Snowflake, and we follow a structured as well as customized approach to ensure a successful migration for our clients. This includes understanding the client’s specific needs and requirements, assessing the data sources and the target Snowflake environment, designing the migration plan, executing the migration, and validating the data. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the continued success of the migration. Our expertise in Snowflake allows us to provide customized solutions and guidance throughout the migration process, ensuring a seamless transition to Snowflake.