Unlock your digital transformation with DataFactZ + Google Cloud

Migrating to Google Cloud empowers your business to disrupt the cycle of allocating time, money, and resources towards outdated technology. With Google Cloud, you can accomplish more, achieve faster results, and ensure greater security.

Infrastructure modernization & Scalability

Flexible infrastructure modernization approaches from re-host to platform, scale up or down as your business’ needs change.

Application Modernization & Reliability

Innovate fast, lower costs, and gain consistent development and operations experience. Built-in redundancy and failover mechanisms to ensure that services are always available.

Data Modernization

Migrate and fully manage enterprise data with security, reliability and high availability

Smart Analytics & AI

Accelerate the impact by making smarter decisions faster, and implement machine learning models to accelerate your needs.

How does GCP differ from other cloud platforms?

GCP stands out from other cloud platforms with its focus on innovation, strong emphasis on security, large global network, and cost-effective pricing options.

How can DataFactZ assist me in migrating my applications and data to GCP?

With our extensive collection of tools, templates, accelerators, and migration tools, DataFactZ can make your GCP migration process more efficient and save your business several months of data migration

What are the best practices for optimizing performance and cost in GCP?

DataFactZ provides customizable cost and usage monitoring dashboards in major BI platforms like Power BI, Tableau, and Microstrategy for optimizing performance and cost in GCP. These prebuilt dashboards allow businesses to customize their usage reports and monitoring views quickly and unlock value from their cloud solution.

How does GCP ensure the security of my data and applications?

GCP ensures the security of your data and applications through various measures, including encryption, secure access controls, data loss prevention, compliance certifications, and constant monitoring and mitigation of potential threats.

How does GCP handle backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity?

GCP offers various backup and disaster recovery solutions, including automatic data replication across regions, scheduled backups, and managed database backups. It also includes tools for testing and ensuring business continuity, such as Cloud Endure for disaster recovery testing and Cloud SQL for automatic failover in case of an outage.

How can DataFactZ's expertise in GCP help me optimize my cloud environment to achieve better performance and cost-efficiency?

DataFactZ’s expertise in GCP can help optimize your cloud environment for better performance and cost efficiency. Our tailored solutions and customizable cost and usage monitoring dashboards enable you to identify and implement the most efficient optimization strategies, achieving your desired outcomes.

How can DataFactZ help optimize data cleansing and processing?

DataFactZ provides advanced tools and processes to efficiently manage data cleansing and processing tasks, freeing up your data scientists to focus on more high-value tasks. By partnering with strategic vendors, you can reduce costs and augment your own talent, enabling upskilling and immediate ROI. Our flexible delivery models, expertise in multiple technologies, and deep understanding of digital transformation ensure successful adoption and effective platform support for both data and business functions.