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Business Intelligence Solutions

Are your data technology investments still leaving insights buried in reports?

Data has the potential to reveal game-changing insights, but those insights are only leveraged through definitive action. DataFactZ designs solutions that take your data insights out of the fog and into impactful decisions. With successful executions across various domains including financial services, retail and health care, our associates know how to surface your most important data in the most efficient way.

A holistic view of what data-driven decisions mean for your organization, encompassing the entire data lifecycle from discovery to operationalization.

The current landscape of Business Operations is rapidly evolving, making traditional BI implementations a thing of the past.

Businesses need a powerful and rapid delivery of analytics, right at their fingertips. With 17+ years of industry experience and a vast pool of talented resources, DataFactZ can guide your team to build a robust, resilient, and easily scalable BI system that enables self-sufficiency and accessibility for its users.


While Business Intelligence can obtain information from the past, Machine Learning and AI can predict the future. Machine Learning Algorithms train systems to identify patterns and anomalies, predict trends, and identify new opportunities. We can help to implement Machine Learning into new and existing projects.

Out-innovate your competition with a well-planned AI implementation.

Organizations are digging much deeper for answers and an efficient way of doing so, meaning the best time to invest in AI technologies is now.

Conversational analytics, machine learning, and predictive analysis have all narrowed the gap between businesses and data-driven decisions. With DataFactZ’s expertise across various analytics tools and cutting-edge strategies for implementation, our customers’ answers are never too far out of reach.

AI technologies

ML Ops

Various operational factors such as technological challenges, security, governance, compliance and success criteria make it difficult for organizations to deploy and maintain ML models at scale.

DataFactZ’s MLOps practice provides the following capabilities to your organization [while being cloud agnostic], ensuring reliable and efficient deployment and operationalization of ML models:

  • Deploy ML projects from anywhere.
  • Monitor ML applications for operational and ML-related issues.
  • Capture the data required for establishing an end-to-end audit trail of the ML lifecycle.
  • Automate the end-to-end ML lifecycle with Cloud provider-specific ML and DevOps services.

ML on Cloud

DataFactZ is a proud partner with all major cloud providers. Our certified team of data scientists and engineers can help you build, train, and deploy ML models quickly and at scale, or use preexisting models quickly and efficiently.

For teams without data science practitioners, DataFactZ’s Data Engineers can help your team create and execute models using standard SQL with the aid of tools like BigQuery ML.

ML on cloud

How we can innovate your data

Empower your decision making with personalized BI analytics.

Interactive Dashboards

DataFactZ’s UI/UX designers and BI developers can transform your data into pixel-perfect dashboards, with responsive design that can be viewed across desktop, tablet, or phone.

Self-Service BI

We have helped many customers make a smooth and phased transition to a self-service platform.

Embedded Analytics

See Our approach to implementing embedded analytics:

  1. Identify Business Use Cases
  2. Determine the Value
  3. Evaluate Technologies
  4. Data Governance and Security

Search Analytics

By simply typing the question, users can retrieve answers from the BI tool without having to write complex SQL queries. DataFactZ has implemented several Search Analytics projects to extend customer’s current BI applications with search/conversational capabilities.

Mobile BI

Everyone needs real-time data access to make better decisions on time. Whether on a laptop, mobile device or a tablet, DataFactZ can help you ensure that your dashboards are keeping up with the constantly-updating mobile market.

Augmented BI

By combining BI, machine learning and AI, Augmented BI reduces the manual effort of searching for insights by automating the process. It identifies trends and explains their meaning for the user, with visualizations and natural language generation.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a discipline that analyzes data from multiple sources to create meaningful insights. It is multidisciplinary including data mining, statistics, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis and more.

What are the benefits of Data Science for a business?

Data Science allows companies to utilize data collected to make business decisions, understand customer data to refine products or services.

What challenges does Data Science address?

Data Science can address many challenges in different service sectors, universally it can detect fraud, analyze customers, detect expired or malfunctioning products, forecast trends, and ensure compliance with regulations.

What are the benefits of a Data Science Platform?

Having a data science platform makes it easier to dissect and utilize large datasets, eliminate bias through trusted analytics that can be audited or recreated, and deliver models faster with more accuracy.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) refers to software that help companies collect, view, and analyze  business data to complete tasks like decision making, and improving business processes.

How does Business Intelligence work?

Business intelligence utilizes either raw data or data warehouses that centralizes data from multiple sources, and implements BI software to develop reports, charts and maps as a way of visualizing and analyzing data.

What are the benefits of Business Intelligence?

There are many benefits of Business Intelligence technology including improved data accuracy, increased productivity, eliminating inefficient data, enhancing transparency, improved business operations and better customer insights.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is using mathematics and data to help a computer learn the way a human would, without specific instruction. It is a division of artificial intelligence.

What are the benefits of Machine Learning?

Machine learning has many benefits including, user experience to understand the customers preferences and optimize it, the ability to monitor for fraud, enhanced automation to lower costs, pattern identification that can help uncover insights.

How can different industries use Machine Learning?

Finance sectors use machine learning for fraud prevention, retail utilizes the ability to analyze buying patterns, healthcare uses it for diagnostics, patient monitoring, and outbreak prediction are some examples.

What is the potential of Machine Learning?

The potential of machine learning is to create meaningful business data and insights from the data they have. IT can centralize data science into a cooperative platform and simplify operations.