customer analytics

We assist our clients in identifying the business metrics they need in order to achieve a singular view of the customer experience. With DataFactZ You CAN attain real-time insights and actionable metrics.

Customer Lifetime Value

Gain new insight and completely shift perspectives in new customer acquisition and retention with CLV- a critical dimension in understanding your customers. Predictive CLV is the most effective way not only understand current customer worth, but also how their value will change over time.

  • Calculate the lifetime value by customer or segment of customers to determine how much a customer or a segment worth, and expected spending over time.
  • Identify the most effective marketing/promotional campaigns (targeted marketing) and also determine which channels generate the highest CLV.
  • Discover customer preferences and engage most loyal customers based on CLV. These could be special invitations, customized promotions etc.
  • Determine the most valuable customer base and explore similar customer segments that can targeted for a better ROI.
  • Improve the overall customer acquisition and retention.

Upsell & Cross Sell

Imagine the possibilities targeting end users with personalized suggestions, or Upsell and Cross Sell Strategies! Predictive models are incredibly useful to study customers’ past behavior, correlate this information with similar customers, and then identify potential service/product opportunities. Let’s design and deploy effective analytical models and techniques to maximize Upsell & Cross Sell opportunities for your organization!

  • Design effective Cross selling and Upselling models to reduce acquisition costs and increase customer lifetime value.
  • Perform Acquisition Pattern Analysis to identify the logical step for the customer in terms of product / service acquisition based on the pattern of previous acquisitions and on the pattern of other customers.
  • Conduct Collaborative Filtering focuses on making recommendations based on the associations between the product recently purchased and others offered by the company.
  • Determine products or service offerings along with price optimization for individual customers.
  • Build scorecards showcasing the target customer propensity for various products/services.

Market Basket

With the advent of Big Data & Real time Processing capabilities, DataFactZ is able to perform minute by minute advanced Market Basket analytics, enabling your organization to intelligently measure, monitor and model purchases to uncover insights at a faster rate, creating a unique ability to act upon what your shoppers are telling you in real-time.

  • Build a Recommendation Engine that can identify customer buying behavior and their relationships.
  • Provide deeper insights to Upsell/Cross Sell Strategies.
  • Enable organizations to effectively design Affinity Marketing Programs (Loyalty & Retention).
  • Understand which customers are buying what products and when, using real-time store sales modeling
  • Design targeted marketing based on buying patterns and attract customers via various channels that are likely to purchase a product/service offering that would interest them.

Recommendation Engine

At DataFactZ, Our experts can design and build robust Recommendation Engines, with advanced machine algorithms which give them the ability to predict consumer needs based on previous purchase history, online behavior, ratings, reviews and other personalized attributes.

  • Build a recommendation engine with the ability to predict what customers want before they do.
  • Formulate the “next best action” strategies.
  • Target the customers with the right offers that impeccably timed.
  • Improve overall Customer acquisition and Conversion rate by offering the right products.
  • Improved focus on right timing & channels.
  • Developed advanced machine learning algorithms using each interaction and click.
  • These algorithms learns more about your customer and delivers the most contextually relevant experience in real-time for your online applications.
  • Develop Real-Time personalization that combine the speed of real-time targeting and personalization with the insights of machine learning and predictive analytics.
Customer Analytics

Sentiment Analysis

At DataFactZ we’ve combined advanced techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand the overall sentiment of conversations (positive, negative or neutral) leveraging text-mining analytics. These models can analyze any source of data whether it is structured or unstructured, through any communication channel or CRM System, such as Email, Call Center, Social Media, and Surveys etc.

  • Discover and measure key topics of conversation, providing important insights about your brand from multiple channels such as Emails, Social Media, Surveys, etc.
  • Perform analysis on interest affinities by identifying interests that drive social action. This new dimension adds a new context to your analysis that reveal interesting facts about your business.
  • Benchmark and track the performance of your enterprise social media accounts to identify which content is driving the most engagement.