Social Media Analytics

They’re all talking! Now let’s make social data actionable and insightful.

Social Media Analytics

They’re all talking! Now let’s make social data actionable and insightful.

Social media continues to evolve as a powerful networking platform, generating massive volumes of data and tremendous opportunities for organizations to take their CRM capabilities to a new level. But organizations are struggling to effectively tap into these platforms to gain a better understanding of their markets, customers and competition. Capturing consumer data from social media platforms empowers organizations to understand attitudes, opinions and trends, and manage their online reputations. At DataFactZ, we help organizations build social media analytics strategies that go beyond traditional monitoring methods. Our solutions use advanced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to offer customized solutions for various business initiatives.


We help you monitor the conversations surrounding your brand across the different social media platforms. Our unique approach to social media monitoring tracks customers, markets, products and competition to quickly create an unparalleled advantage in lead generation, customer engagement and understanding, competitive insights and market trends. We also combine our real-time analytics capabilities to continuously stream data from different social media sources and build visually appealing dashboards and visualizations to monitor which channels are driving the buzz.


Our process to analyze social media platforms helps organizations take full advantage of social media and gain comprehensive insights on their customers. Our ability to build advanced predictive models enable the organizations to determine the best course action. Through social media analytics, we help organizations:

  • Measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns by analyzing follower sentiments.
  • Predict sentiments in social channels and segment customer behaviors that will help organizations optimize their campaigns.
  • Build predictive capabilities to understand customer tendencies and identify new market segments.
  • Identify trending topics, concepts, hashtags and keywords in real time.
  • Understand overall customer attitude through sentiment tagging techniques.
  • Perform competitive analyses to maintain a competitive advantage by accessing competitors’ posting tendencies and engagement strategies.

Our approach to social media analytics can guide your organization’s marketing strategies to be more precise, agile and responsive to customer demands. Targeting specific customer segments with optimal marketing campaigns for lead generation helps you provide the best possible customer experience.

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We have extensive experience in delivering high class reporting and dashboard solutions. We can develop customized reporting platforms or integrate with your existing reporting solutions to ensure you can keep track of all social media insights derived from your analytics strategy. We also design visually appealing dashboards such as competitive analysis and sentiment analysis to provide summarized results in an easy-to-understand format for business users at all levels.

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