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What is the heck with AI Connectors?

By Krishna Kallakuri - April 3, 2017

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our lives, and candidly I never felt AI more omnipresent than now.  From SIRI to autonomous cars, AI is progressing at a rapid pace. Watching science fiction movies, we often thought AI was all about robots with human like intelligence. But, today, AI applies everywhere starting with our favorite Google’s…

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Make Data Great Again – Part 2

By Krishna Kallakuri - February 23, 2017

The whole world nowadays seems to be on the verge of a radical shift. Be it politics, economics, social systems, or technology; everywhere we are surrounded by clouds of uncertainty, promise, and renewal. Whether this shift is for the better or worse, remains to be seen but the cry of change in itself must not…

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Is Cognitive Computing just a myth?

By Krishna Kallakuri - November 2, 2016

Two scientists are lost at the top of a mountain. Scientist #1: Pulls out a map and looks at it for a while. Then he turns to Scientist #2 and says: “Hey, I’ve figured it out. I know where we are.” Scientist #2: Where are we then? Scientist #1: Do you see this mountain on…

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Make Data Great Again

By Krishna Kallakuri - August 31, 2016

Have you ever heard or seen a phrase or title like this in your entire career? We almost assume the answer is a big ‘NO’. We were at one of the major big data events in California a month ago and I personally was not super happy for many reasons. But one thing quickly grabbed…

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Big Data – Tell me like I’m SIX

By Jim Salter - July 18, 2016


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Big Data and Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp

By Krishna Kallakuri - June 3, 2016

These days, Big Data technologies seem to be developing so unbelievably fast that it’s causing downstream affects that we may have not seen coming.  It almost seems like somebody passionate about Big Data found Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp, rubbed it, then asked the Genie for “Multiple Stacks of Technologies” because new products seem to be released…

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Are you ready to play with Big Data yet?

By Amar Meda - May 5, 2016

If you’ve been around the technology block for a while, chances are, the term ‘Big Data’ is not unfamiliar to you. It has been thrown around so much that even making fun of its over usage is clichéd. I remember a conversation with a client who expressed a whole lot of interest to move their existing systems…

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A Call to Innovation & Agility

By Alina Petrovici - March 29, 2016

  During a recent press conference, a teared eye CEO of a major multinational communications and information technology company stated “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”, as a result of a 150 year old company being acquired for not keeping up proactively with the world’s ever changing landscape of market’s demands. This…

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Reaping the benefits of Real Time Analytics

By Krishna Kallakuri - March 16, 2016

In this information age, the pace and constant changes in operating a business has never been greater. The most effective way to manage these situations is to gain “timely” insights from data that are immediately “actionable” to businesses, and where it is making a competitive difference. Great message isn’t it? But what are “actionable” insights?…

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Data Changes the Conversation

By Jim Salter - March 7, 2016

  “In God we trust.   All others must bring data.”Dr. W. Edwards Deming Early in my career, I attended a Deming Seminar and had the privilege of participating in one that was led by Dr. W. Edwards Deming himself.  I was honored to actually meet him during lunch one of the days.  Widely recognized…

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Why not Harness the Power of NoSQL?

By Krishna Kallakuri - February 1, 2016

The relational database model began to emerge in the 1970’s and quickly gained traction because of its capabilities to store and manipulate data during that time. RDBMS is still the predominant technology for storing structured data in web or any other business applications. Everything is going great and now all of sudden we have need…

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Business Analytics? Business is the operative word…

By Jim Salter - December 18, 2015

Business Analytics?   Business is the operative word… Why is it that many executives, and perhaps you, have not yet embraced big data analytics? As a company that’s knee-deep in discussions everyday about how companies are managing the 3 Vs in data and especially how they can leverage it, this question puzzled my colleagues and me. …

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No Big Data = No Advanced Analytics?

By Krishna Kallakuri - November 6, 2015

  Unfortunately, we hear the above statement too often. The hype around Big Data has created a misconception that advanced analytics is not possible with Small Data, which everyone has been collecting for years. Big is a relative term. With more and more focus on the size of data, many people are headed in the…

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How do Executives know when to invest in Analytics?

By Jim Salter - October 26, 2015

How Do Executives Know When to Invest in Analytics? Executives are being faced with a difficult question:  when is the right time to begin investing in Big Data Analytics?  Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer, but let’s examine how he or she will know when they are ready.  The answer may surprise you. The fact is…

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Big Data Fades to the Algorithm Economy

By Anil Hari - October 13, 2015

Wherever you look in the industry, you can see one and one thing only that is constantly changing the dimension of the industry- big data. But, data cannot do anything by itself. Rather, the user of the data can lead to the directions hitherto unknown. Big data is the crude oil that needs refinement to…

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How To Get More Bang for Your Data Integration Buck? Agility is Key

By Sheshanka Joopalli - October 13, 2015

Everyone in the IT business attempts to make the most of the dollar they have. The whole IT business is thriving to make dollar the most expensive currency there is. It is no surprise that things will tend to be more and more towards this direction as the key to this would be doing more…

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