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In just 10 business days, you can experience the power of Microsoft Power BI unlocking your data investments.

Experts on our team will guide you through every step of the process, from onboarding to delivering two dashboards running end to end on your data. Beyond visualizing data, we believe that transformation can only occur when it’s both actionable and adopted. Intuitive dashboards that empower self service and deeper insight from multiple data sources.

Free for qualifying organizations

-DataFactZ team will deliver 2 dashboards, sourced from up to any two data sources (5-10 tables) in 2 weeks time.
-We will engage with stakeholders and understand business requirements in order to create the optimum dashboard solution.
-Establish data connectivity in Power BI, build data model, design reports and dashboard
-Publish the dashboard and conduct a walk through of the implementation

-UX Design mockups or preliminary dashboards
-Two Power BI dashboards deployed
-Solution debrief and documentation
-Program summary presentation


Download Solution Power BI Quickstrike