Imagine making decisions by talking to an A.I. that understands you and your business context.

Amid all the commotion around cognitive technologies, we’re here to simplify the noise, and show you how you can put artificial intelligence to work for your organization.

How does the latest in artificial intelligence benefit your organization?
  • Gain the ability to quantify your decisions, by leveraging your data into actionable insights
  • Reduce downtime of automated business systems by augmenting them with self-correcting intelligence
  • Lower costs and turnaround time by incorporating new capabilities into you business systems
  • Enhance productivity by automating repetitive rule-based tasks
  • Empower your employees by providing quick and easy access to contextual knowledge

Our solution offerings are designed to help you move your business from the sidelines and into the big leagues, by taking advantage of advances in AI and cognitive tech.

Cognitive Interface Solutions
Deep-Learning Solutions
  • Augmenting BI systems for Cognitive Experience
  • Augmenting OLTP Systems with real-time intelligence
  • Developing applications with NLP capabilities
  • Developing applications with computer vision capabilities
Ontology Development Services
  • Conversion of relational data to ontology driven semantic data in RDF
  • Ontology development (OWL)
  • Integration with SPARQL endpoints (Open Linked Data)
  • Developing SPARQL applicationsities

Artificial intelligence has officially moved from the silver screen and into your reality. From smartphones to highly complex systems, AI’s fingerprints are everywhere. Don’t let your business systems fall behind; leverage AI to its fullest potential. Use AI to generate business value, and let your only limit become your imagination. DatafactZ Artificial Intelligence, Now Powered By diwo