DataFactZ Continues Growth, Adds Clients, Employees and Partners in Q1

By - May 16, 2017

NORTHVILLE, MICH (April 21, 2017) – DataFactZ, a Northville, Michigan-based global business analytics company, continued to expand, adding couple new clients, announcing new partnerships and hiring 15 new employees in the first quarter of 2017.

In February, DataFactZ announced a partnership with Neo4j, a leading graph database solutions provider, to provide enhanced big data analytics services using graph technology. The partnership allows DataFactZ to offer highly scalable native graph interfacing and additional analytics solutions to clients.

A partnership with Alteryx in March also expanded DataFactZ’s information system offerings to help clients improve efficiency in self-service data analytics.

DataFactZ has also added new clients in the first quarter, diversifying its clientele in the retail, healthcare, utility and financial industries. The company will develop and implement analytics solutions for several business functions including supply chain, marketing, human resources, customer relationship management and risk analytics for its new clients.

“The addition of these new partners and employees supports our commitment to continued growth and a ceaseless desire to improve our offerings to clients,” said Krishna Kallakuri, CEO of DataFactZ. “We will continue to grow with our partners and clients while providing efficient analytics and insights that our clients have come to expect for business impact and value addition.”

To ensure continued quality of service to the expanding pool of clients and partners, DataFactZ has hired 15 new employees in both its Northville and Hyderabad, India offices with an eye on data services and programming analytics.

The data engineering department gained three new employees while the business intelligence, data science and big data development departments added 11 total new hires. Additionally, DataFactZ hired one new programming analyst to round out the first quarter hiring.

About DataFactZ
DataFactZ is a global business analytics company based in Northville, Michigan driven by inquisitive data scientists, which has evolved over a decade of working with more than 100 clients across multiple industries. Combining several data science techniques from statistics, machine learning, deep learning, decision science, cognitive science, and business intelligence, together with an ecosystem of technology platforms, DataFactZ has produced unprecedented solutions. DataFactZ employs more than 800 people focused on managing and leveraging data to create value for its clients through a suite of strategic and implementation services in the areas of Data Engineering, Data Science, and Decision Science. DataFactZ assists organizations in designing and deploying a technology platform that delivers on multiple levels. For more information, visit, and follow DataFactZ on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

DataFactZ Continues Growth, Adds Clients, Employees and Partners in Q1