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Big Data, Utilities and Excellence – a complicated process? Not any more…

By Vivek Vajjala - March 10, 2018

Big data and analytics are changing the way businesses are run. But there is a lot of noise surrounding both as to where to start and what the end goal should be. I see a lot of opportunity for big data analytics to flourish in the utility industry, while helping to make the systems more…

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Big Data on AWS

By Sunil Penumala - August 29, 2017

AWS offers the broadest set of production-hardened services for almost any analytic use-case. They enable customers to easily run analytical workloads (Batch, Real-time, Machine Learning) in a scalable fashion minimizing maintenance and administrative overhead while assuring security and low costs. AWS services cover all elements of a typical analytic workflow from data ingestion, storage, ETL, data warehousing,…

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Big Data & Business Analytics Symposium

By Sheshanka Joopalli - March 23, 2016

  The Big Data & Business Analytics Group at Wayne State University hosts its 3rd Annual Symposium to bring together expert practitioners from industry to exchange practical ideas and insights and also share these with budding Big Data professionals. DataFactZ is returning as a Diamond Sponsor for this event. Please use below link for more details.

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Why not Harness the Power of NoSQL?

By Krishna Kallakuri - February 1, 2016

The relational database model began to emerge in the 1970’s and quickly gained traction because of its capabilities to store and manipulate data during that time. RDBMS is still the predominant technology for storing structured data in web or any other business applications. Everything is going great and now all of sudden we have need…

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No Big Data = No Advanced Analytics?

By Krishna Kallakuri - November 6, 2015

  Unfortunately, we hear the above statement too often. The hype around Big Data has created a misconception that advanced analytics is not possible with Small Data, which everyone has been collecting for years. Big is a relative term. With more and more focus on the size of data, many people are headed in the…

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