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Why not Harness the Power of NoSQL?

By Krishna Kallakuri - February 1, 2016

The relational database model began to emerge in the 1970’s and quickly gained traction because of its capabilities to store and manipulate data during that time. RDBMS is still the predominant technology for storing structured data in web or any other business applications. Everything is going great and now all of sudden we have need…

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Michigan Spark User Group Meetup

By Vivek Vajjala - January 4, 2016

To bring Spark into the year 2016, The Michigan Spark User Group is having their next Meetup Event on January 7, 2016 at Loven Systems. Please register for the event this Thursday if you are interested to know more about “Developing Enterprise Grade Solutions Using Spark & Cassandra” from the Speaker Mr. Yuriy Demidko, Solution…

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Introduction to Spark by DataFactZ

By Vivek Vajjala - November 18, 2015

Great news for all you Spark enthusiasts and to-be Spark enthusiasts out there, look no further, just hit the link below and let DataFactZ make Spark easier for you. DataFactZ is one of the early adopters and/or implementers of Spark, an active partner of DataBricks and also the organizers for various Spark meet up events. We…

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