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DataFactZ partners with Neo4j to provide enhanced analytics solutions using graph technology

NORTHVILLE, Michigan (March 21, 2017)DataFactZ is now a Neo4j solutions partner, expanding the company’s graph processing and analytics capabilities and solutions offerings for customers.

Neo4j is a world-leading open source graph database software provider. Through this partnership, DataFactZ analytics professionals can build intelligent, relationship-based applications leveraging Neo4j’s graph database technology to analyze and gain insights, not only from individual data, but from how those data are interrelated.

DataFactZ is leveraging the advanced graph technology of Neo4j to provide improvements in fraud detection, social network development and real-time management and recommendations based on relationships between data. By presenting businesses with a visual, graphic representation of their data and relationships, customers can gain more accurate recommendations and improve the search capabilities of product, services, content and knowledge catalogs.

“With each new partnership, we are able to provide improved analytics and insights to our customers, which they can then use to improve their business practices and offerings for their customers,” said Krishna Kallakuri, CEO of DataFactZ. “We’re currently working with Neo4j on solutions for a major insurance and financial services provider to provide more accurate and cost-efficient coverage for their customers.”

As a result of this Neo4j partnership, DataFactZ will be able to help organizations across a variety of industries better visualize and capitalize on their data. Neo4j’s comprehensive, 360-degree view of data will help DataFactZ analytics professionals track roles, groups and authorizations with substantial depth to provide real-time insights and recommendations.
DataFactZ works with a number of carefully selected technology partners to provide comprehensive and best-in class solutions.

About DataFactZ
DataFactZ is a global business analytics company based in Northville, Michigan driven by inquisitive data scientists, having developed a pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach, which has evolved over the decade working with over 100 clients across multiple industries. Combining several data science techniques from statistics, machine learning, deep learning, decision science, cognitive science, and business intelligence, together with an ecosystem of technology platforms, DataFactZ has produced unprecedented solutions. DataFactZ is now 800+ strong employees, all focused on managing and leveraging data to create value for our clients with a suite of Strategic and Implementation services in the areas of Data Engineering, Data Science, and Decision Science. DataFactZ assists organizations in designing and deploying a technology platform that delivers on multiple levels. For more information, visit, and follow DataFactZ on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Neo Technology
Neo Technology is the creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. Neo4j is a highly scalable native graph database that leverages data relationships as first-class entities to help companies build intelligent applications that meet today’s evolving connected data challenges including fraud detection, real-time recommendations, master data management, network security and IT operations.

Global enterprises like Walmart, UBS, Cisco, HP, adidas Group and Lufthansa and hot startups like Medium, Qualia and Glowbl rely on Neo4j to harness the connections in their data.

Neo Technology is privately held and funded by Eight Roads Ventures, Sunstone Capital, Conor Venture Partners, Creandum, Dawn Capital and now Greenbridge Investment Partners.

Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Neo Technology also has regional offices in Sweden, Germany and the UK. For more information, please visit and @Neo4j.