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With our “One-click”, fully-automated migration solution, we’ve helped fortune 500s recoup countless hours of tedious work and validation during their Teradata to Snowflake migrations.

One Click Teradata to Snowflake

The Teradata table language is converted into a new syntax, to ensure that the Data Definition Language (DDL) script is fully compatible with Snowflake. The schema converter takes care of this and validates it to ensure it functions properly in the new DDL.

Customization Possible for Parameters

Once the tables are ready to load data, extracting and loading to Snowflake is optimized by splitting large tables and loading them in parallel to shorten load time. Load restarting and data recovery is available during this automated data load process. Customization is also possible to configure parameters for data loading or preventing duplication.

Our migration automation solutions can be applied across technologies- be it Azure, AWS, etc. Schedule a quick call:

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